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This website contains photos and student anecdotes from the Queen's High School archives, which are included to provide enjoyment to ex girls and friends of Queen's High School. Should there be an issue with any content, please send an email to: enquiries@queenshighexgirls.school.nz

Snippets From the Past:

Girls Urged to Follow Ideal of Service:
"I am asking you to give to New Zealand in your day something better than you took from it in your youth."
Address given to school by the Minister of Education during official school opening.

Amalgamation of Queen's and Kings. This was seriously considered.

Ode to the Big H!!!!
"Mrs Harrison is my shep-Head I shall not want. She catcheth me not attending classes, and leadeth me into her office. She asketh me if I have started swotting yet, and swatteth me if I have not!"
(Full article on display at the reunion.)
Lyn Freeman, 1979

Queen's was amongst the last group of single sex state secondary schools founded in New Zealand. The dominant philosophy of co-education soon took total control of the state system as Taieri, Bayfield and Logan Park were built.

Lots of reporting that the new school called Queen's High, should not be built. The city did not need another single sex girls' school.

Article in ODT:
"Some 400 mothers and about four lonely looking fathers watched their children at Queen's High School as they demonstrated class-room activities"

The school ball was a combined one with Otago Girls, Otago Boys and King's High Schools - the "subscription" was £3.5/-

"The King's-Queen's theatrical co-operation had been established and many a pupil from either school remembers the many productions with great affection - the Queen's gals have played more than their share in shaping many a life from the 'guys across the fence' ".
W. Larkins KHS, 1960.

Poem extract:
"Through Love of Learning We Learned To Live - T'was sound advice that Queen's did give."
Leslie Lumsden.

Lots of reporting that the new school called Queen's High, should not be built. The city did not need another single sex girls school.

Pandora publication - Trendsetter!
"Have you ever gone to a party wearing your favourite red and orange stripped trousers with your flowery shirt with gold high heeled shoes, only to find out that everyone else is wearing pastels? If your answer was yes, then stop worrying, there are other like you. There is a name for your conditions and it is not that you are going crazy. You are a TRENDSETTER."
(Full article on display at the reunion.)
Editor, Martine Smith, 1987

"God be in my head
And in my understanding
God by in my eyes
And in my looking ..."

Amazing letter from Miss Ballard, who had to respond to a "letter to the editor" about Queen's High School spending $1500 on purchasing a piano for the school. The writer had suggested the money would have been better spent on the education of the girls!!!

Did you know that most of the area in the vicinity of Queen's was once a Chinese market garden?

Swimming very strong at QHS. Kate Stevely off to London to compete in World Junior Diving Champs.

Pandora's Box - do you remember this Queen's Newspaper, started by Mrs Strang?

"Tinted Glasses" Pippa Bray (6 Denton) attends the National Young Forum - What do I see through my culturally tinted glasses?

Queen's girls help DOC refloat stranded whale!!! Oops, it is an inflated whale for demonstration purposes??

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Events & Activities

Scholarship Winners
Annual Netball Game
Careers Evening
High Tea
E q u i p m e n t (Mentoring)

Scholarship Winners - 2019

Scholarship recipients, 2018. Scholarship recipients, 2018.

We are very proud of the 2018 Scholarship recipients, Ella Scott (left) and Baylee Graves (right). Each student receives $750 towards their tertiary study for the following year.

Ella will attend the University of Otago doing a Bachelor of Teaching and Baylee will attend Ara Institute of Canterbury doing a Bachelor of Medical Imaging. We wish them all the best for their studies and their future endeavours.

Annual Netball Game - September 2018

A FINE BUNCH OF WONDERFUL EX-GIRLS FRONTED UP TO THE SCHOOL Senior A Team on 14 September. A great game was played but the QHS Senior A team have taken out the title and trophy for this year.

Congratulations to the school team on their very good season and great campaign in the South Island Secondary School Tournament (moved up the ladder a few places).

Ex Girls vs Students Netball Game 2018.

Back Row: Caitlin Harris, Ana Hallilalo-Rouvi, Carina McLay, Natasha Watson(nee Currie) Casey Kruishoop, Macey Mitchell, Aimee Bryan
Front Row: Leanetta Cockburn, Jodie Hyatt, Nicole Pendreigh, Jaime Ellwood, Serena Evile, Jade Kinnane

Careers Evening - 23 August 2018

We are so fortunate as Queen’s Ex Girls to have so many wonderfully talented and willing young women who eagerly return back to Queen’s for our annual career evening.

It was our pleasure to welcome 10 outstanding ex-girls back to school for the evening. Each year our ex-girl’s committee invites past students to the Career Evening to outline to the current students their career journey. We also ask them to share some of their experiences and wisdom for students to think about as they make their subject choices for the following year.

These amazing young women were confident, inspirational and highly instrumental in creating a fantastic atmosphere for the evening.

If you would like to be involved in our evening for next year, please email: enquiries@queenshighexgirls.school.nz.

Ex Girls returned to school for Careers Evening 2018.

Back Row: Kate Timms-Dean, Gemma Baldock, Sarah Pye, Jade Saunders, Jade Meadings, Hannah Scott (nee Lawless)
Front Row: Batchelor, Kelly Burnett, Maxine Shanks, Rachel Covey

Thank you wonderful ex-girls we look forward to watching your career paths flourish.

High Tea - May 2018

Queen's Ex Girls turned out in all their finery for a wonderful afternoon of glamour, gorgeous food and grand speakers.

Barbara Newton (nee Turner - 1968-1972), Ngaire Gardiner (ex staff 1990-2011), Carolyn King (nee Wong 1962-1965) Judy Tindill (nee Jory 1960-1962) all featured as our guests at our High Tea. These amazing ex Queen's people are all authors, Barbara and Ngaire presented in person, Glenys Shum (nee Wong 1965-1968) presented on behalf of Carolyn who now lives in Ashburton and Colleen Lyons (nee Willcock 1965-1968) presented on behalf of Judy who writes under the name of Jude Thomas.

Anyone wanting to contact these amazing women, please email Colleen Lyons who will link you to them.

High Tea May 2018.

Bernards and Phillipa.

More photos of the High Tea event available on the Photo Gallery.

E q u i p m e n t Ex-Queen’s girls investing in potential through mentoring

We are very proud to share with you a wonderful celebration evening that was held at school on Thursday 2 November 2017 as ten amazing young women received congratulations and certificates for their involvement in our mentor programme.

The programme is entirely driven by outstanding ex-girls investing in supporting, challenging and nurturing current students. Ex-girls meet up with students to develop a relationship offering guidance, strategies and future planning. Our guest speaker this year Jo Brady (nee Burton) addressed the girls congratulating them on taking all the opportunities offered and being pro-active in obtaining as many experiences and linking with the valuable resources that Queen’s Ex-students have to offer.

Ex Girls receive certificates for involvement in mentoring program.

Back Row: Holly Hammond, Karen Thompson, Jan Hudson, Megan Gibbons, Nicola Wood, Alexandria Daykin, Jude Molyneux.
Front Row: Holly Munro, Jelaine van Welie, Jo Brady, Leah Anderson, Jessie Hansen, Ellesha Clark, Liz Nidd, Boztas Gullu, Sally Peart, Lucy Lee, Ingrid Crawford.


This website contains photos and student anecdotes from the Queen's High School archives, which are included to provide enjoyment to ex girls and friends of Queen's High School. Should there be an issue with any content, please send an email to: enquiries@queenshighexgirls.school.nz